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Platform Jacket and Topside Lifting Solutions

Platform Jacket and Topside Lifting Solutions

DORSEA have significant expertise and experience in establishing optimum lifting solutions for installation of offshore structures, topsides and jackets.

Such lifting solutions will be tailored to suit our clients, vessels, barge and associated equipment. Vessel motion studies will be conducted based on established RAO’s based on site specific environmental conditions with applicable Dynamic Amplification Factors (DAF) applied as established.

DORSEA has the ability to model and analyse the nominated vessel and lifting solution proposed in full 3D with all applicable forces and environmental loading applied and analysed in real time.

Advanced modelling and studies can also be performed in accordance with applicable Codes and Standards to reduce vessel and crane dynamic amplification factors (DAF) to optimise lifting capacity potential.

DORSEA also has the expertise and experience to perform full vessel and barge motion studies to establish RAO parameters.

Engineering solutions for lifting includes rigging requirements, specifications and Material Take Off (MTO) registers.

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