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Subsea Structures Design and Installation Engineering

Subsea Structures Design and Installation Engineering

DORSEA has solid expertise in the design and installation of subsea structures, Wye’s, Tee’s, Control and Isolation Valve Assemblies Structures, PLEM’s and PLET’’s to meet Client requirements.

These design solutions are fully compliant codes and standards in accordance with client requirements and specifications. design criteria is site and client specific but typically includes environmental loading, anchor drag, trawler fishing and dropped objects.

DORSEA has a highly skilled team with extensive experience in the engineering and design for the most optimum subsea structure design.

Both gravity, pile and skirt pile anchoring solutions will be considered for the subsea structure design according to Client preferences and requirements.

Ultimately the most cost effective and practical design solution which is Industry Code and Standards compliant will be proposed by DORSEA.

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