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Track Records

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Year Client Project Name Project Description Location Status
2015 Bumi Armada Offshore stinger design for KP1 peppily barge Preliminary Design of new offshore stinger for KP1 pipelay barge Malaysia Completed
2012 BHP Billiton / Intecsea RTM FPSO Project Riser column FE modeling and structural analysis. Design integrity and engineering verification of flexible hang-off platform. Australia Completed
2011 INTECSEA - Chevron Indonesia Gendalo - Gehem Deep Water Development Project Design of deep water PLET, FLET, PLEM and ILS structures (design for 1700m water depth and hazardous subsea location) Australia Completed
2011 INTECSEA - Chevron Indonesia Gendalo - Gehem Deep Water Development Project Suction Pile Design and Deep Water Installation Engineering Australia Completed
2011 INTECSEA - Woodside Chimatti and Xena Project FEED design of 2 x deepwater subsea cooling spools for diverless connections in 550m water depth. Design included FE structural analysis, deep foundation (suction pile) analysis & design, piping stress and thermal transition analysis. Australia Completed
2011 INTECSEA Shtokhom Deep Water Project - Russia Mid Arch Buoy Design and Integrity Verification Engineering including FE structural design, subsea Gravity Base design and MDB based lifting and installation assessments. Australia Completed
2011 MacDow - Geosea JV BMA Hay point Coal Terminal Expansion Project (HPX3) Tow analysis and mooring design for transportation barges and equipment including barge hydrodynamic modeling, mooring and berthing analysis, safe weather criteria assessment and survival transit modeling. Australia Completed
2010 Trident - PBJV Offshore Double Joint Pipelay Barge Design Project Design, engineering and build support for new offshore double joint pipelay barge Australia / Malaysia Completed
2009 Trident - Clough - Nautilus Concept Design for Subsea Deep Water Mining Vessel Concept design for new innovative deep water subsea mining vessel (DP2) Australia Completed